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I have been a spiritual advisor for over 23 years. My clients include celebrities as well as the average person looking for answers to their personal lives.I can been seen on youtube appearing on Vignette television program.
I am also a medium and able to contact loved ones that have passed.


Local astrologer Peter Marks uses his gifts of reading astrology charts and channeling people who have passed on, to help the living. (Times Photo, Piazzaroli)

WATERTOWN — Psychic, medium, soothsayer, channeler, spiritualist, clairvoyant, astrologer or fortune-teller; there are many words to describe those few people who claim to have knowledge above and beyond this world.

Peter Marks, a New York native who has called Watertown home for the past few decades, said he uses his gift to help people navigate through life.

He explains that his work is done through astrology charts and channeling, an ability he believes to have been born with..... more

Peter Marks’ Bio

“I don’t just read people… I want to see people, in a positive way, achieve their goals.” – Peter MarksBorn With A GiftPeter Marks, born with an ability to channel spirit guides and energy, has helped countless people across the globe to find closure, happiness and a purpose in life.
Being born in the epicenter of the world, New York City, Marks began to use his ability, something he considers an “Instrument of the Universe,” from the young age of 10. Focusing on the message of love, kindness and understanding, Marks is able to see and speak with those who have passed on from this world. Born with this ability in his blood, two of Marks’ aunts were also professional astrologers.
Marks began performing mini-readings, free of charge, so he could hone his craft. From there, he began performing private readings and participating in psychic fairs.

Ever-growing Career

After 20 years of channeling professionally, Marks uses his natural gifts and extensive education to connect with those living and those who have passed on. He holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and is a graduate from the accredited Wright Institute of Astrological Studies in Ohio.
Working with everyday people, celebrities and in group settings, Marks has visited a number of interesting places, including Donald Trump’s historic Palm Beach estate “Mar-A-Lago.”
He has been featured on various television shows in New York, Connecticut and Long Island and has worked alongside many other world-famous mediums in various projects. Marks is also featured on his own YouTube Channel, where he speaks with clients over the phone and in person, as well as doing private readings all over the world. He has been a guest on “The Sacred Journey” and worked alongside famous TV medium and host Joyce St. Germaine

What the Future Holds

Using his love of food and his knowledge of astrological charts, Marks is currently co-writing a cookbook, featuring recipes and ingredients with an astrological twist.
A unique reading he offers is for those looking to relocate, changing jobs, moving to a different state, etc. Other readings include compatibility charts, incorporation charts, baby charts, financial charts and gambling charts.
Marks will also be a part of a monthly Tuesday Night event at The Rock Garden Café in Watertown, Conn., where he will read charts and work with numerology.

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